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Chelsea and Kensington

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Every week, two 'Hebs' come running up to me just like pets out of a flock of 70 sheep. I rescued one from brambles and befriended the other when they were six months old - they haven't forgotten, one year on. Couldn't find appropriate Scottish island names for them, so 'Chelsea' & 'Kensington' it is. Thank goodness we don't have to call them in at night!

An educational visit around London last weekend, included a variety of sights:- Sloane Square, Chelsea Royal Hospital, Tate Britain, Horseguards Parade where we watched Trooping the Colour and for a horseback-related finale, an afternoon at Ham Polo ground where we watched a few chukkas.No pictures for my blog but visit www.hampoloclub.org.uk for the rules, fixtures and the reason why the horses they ride are called "polo ponies"!

I excitedly return from my big weekend in the City to exercise Volter and tell him about my adventures. He turns and looks, "you walked around Westminster, Birdcage Walk, the Mall - I did all that myself on a job last year". If you want to book a horse-drawn vehicle for a special occasion get in touch with jane@horsebacksafaris.co.uk