Elephant Herd in the Masai Mara, Kenya

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Bookings busy for next year

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Three months and no blog! Blame it on the business keeping me so busy. Lots more enquiries so the extra promotion is paying off. I've given more talks and been interviewed on radio. Want to hear a recording?

My volunteer days as a trainee shepherd(ess) have also been busy, especially with the threat of foot and mouth and Blue Tongue here in Suffolk.

I enjoy my action-packed days but was relieved to get on the plane for my own safari recently. How easy it is to reserve seats on BA's online system and registering for the new computerised iris scan at Heathrow. Another story queueing to get back into the country. At least no need to doff my hat to the immigration official any longer!

A successful three-in-one "holiday" visiting South Luangwa Park in Zambia, before horse riding at Nyika plateua in Malawi and winding down with a bit of rest and relaxation on the beach in Mozambique. Take a look at my photos...

A puncture on the Landrover in Suffolk whilst checking the livestock in the summer was good practice for a quick tyre change in Bushcamps. Alex was polite enough to let me have a go, whilst keeping a look-out for hungry lions who might be watching.