Elephant Herd in the Masai Mara, Kenya

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

I've been hit with the dreaded flu bug that has hit so many over Christmas. My commiserations to anyone out there not feeling well. So only days after returning from Tanzania full of the joys of Winter, the spring in my step is now limping somewhat.

A holiday in Africa in the Green season can be adventure. Crossing rivers take on a new meaning when the flow becomes too great for even a Landrover to cope with. Dark skies and rainbows make dramatic backdrops. Leopards aren't too well camouflaged against bright green grass. And for birders, it is a must. I spotted over 200.

After our safari, we visited Chumbe. This is an eco-lodge run as a non-profit organisation to protect the Coral Reef on the edge of the island. I can't speak more highly of the staff, the food and the guides who enthusiastically showed us the marine wildlife both in and out of the lovely warm water. I wish I was back there now and not tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle...