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Horses in Limpopo and Suffolk

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another reconnaissance trip, this time three weeks self-drive around a selection of camps and lodges in Limpopo Provide in South Africa. I confirmed a number of great destinations for both riders and non-riders, and equally importantly visited a couple which I will not be including in future itineraries! A few photographic highlights are available online.

Over the years I have enjoyed a number of self-drive safaris in both South Africa and Namibia, and I would certainly recommend that you consider this option for your future trips. On a typical itinerary you will only use the hire car for transfers of at most a few hours, and then leave it parked for a couple of days whilst enjoying the activities.

Advantages include:

  • Good quality roads with little traffic: I have yet to find the African equivalent of the M25
  • Straightforward navigation on relatively simple road networks: we supply maps and directions.
  • In South Africa, Johannesburg airport is 20km out of town, and that is as close as you need go to the city itself.
  • Cheap, fixed-price petrol served by friendly pump attendants.
  • Plenty of space to organise your luggage: no need to repack fully at each destination.

Back down to earth, but it is enjoyable to be riding my own horse around the countryside in Spring. The Suffolk Show is only a few weeks away, and I look forward to meeting clients past, present and future on the Safari Consultants stand.

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