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Suffolk Wildlife Trust Lambing Fair, Sunday 27 April

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last week I was asked what is a "blog"? It's a weB log or diary. Simple really... but from 'Web Logging' to 'Horse Logging'

Last week Suffolk Wildlife Trust received new visitors to help them manage and conserve the Heathlands. The birch and pine trees take over if not thinned and felled to give the heather and heath vegetation a chance to re-establish. With our recent rainfall, clearing the site can become a quagmire very quickly. Using a horse to remove the logs is efficient, quiet and makes no mess despite many journeys back and forth along the same small track, too small for big machine. The horse hears the chain clank, the log held and off he trots putting his weight into the harness. See horselogging demonstrations at the Lambing Fair on Sunday 27th April at Foxburrow Farm 11am - 4pm Adults £2/Children £1. You can also meet me when I'm there helping the SWT Shepherd show the public the newly born Hebridean lambs. For further details ring 01394 380113

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