Morning Lights, Ride Kenya Amboseli

November 2009 Newsletter, Woodbridge Safaris

Mobile Home living

A first-timer to Africa wants reassurance on what happens on safari. Will I be met by someone? What if I have a special diet? What camera do I need for wildlife photography, and will I be able to re-charge the batteries? How early do I have to get up in the mornings!?

I know what itís like to be confused by new thingsÖ We have decisions galore to make over the Winter as weíre building our own house which is very exciting, very special and something Iíve only dreamed of! What colour for this, or for that? What type of bricks? Which stove? Which bath? How many sockets? The questions are never ending. Itís hard to make decisions on something youíve never done before and even harder when you donít know your soffits from your purlins!!!! Finding local suppliers who are experts in their field starts with an initial meeting, forming a good first impression and building empathy and trust. You particularly want to make the right decisions when spending your own money: whether on a house or perhaps a celebratory safari!

Ride Kenya breakfast, Kilimanjaro

After 25 yearsí living in Woodbridge, I have moved into Constable country, near Nayland on the Essex-Suffolk border. Safari Consultants is a mere 45 minutesí away by bicycle and the whole team is encouraged to benefit the environment and their health by leaving their cars at home. My ultimate dream is ride to work on my horse Ė instead of parking space, Iíll be looking for a grazing permit until Iím ready to trot home. The road from home to work is particularly busy so I need to be visible. You may spot me cycling with my new tabard.

Lewa morning walk

Moving house has curtailed my own travelling, but when it all became too stressful, we relented and booked a last minute riding safari to Kenya. We were trying to see if we could last a whole year without a safari. The answer was no, we needed to be pampered somewhere with no worries, no decisions, no television, no mobile phones: except a emergency hotline to our architect, which was fortunately not required! The food and personal service from Ride Kenya was first class, and after our mobile home the seven foot beds were heavenly!

We were riding in the Chyulu hills with Kilimanjaro providing a dramatic backdrop. How satisfying is was to look up and think Iíve stood on the top of that mountain. Amboseli, the Chyulus and Lewa were all very dry after the drought this summer but the rains have now arrived. Ride Kenyaís horses were to die for. Patrick and Nicola, the owners are in the UK to talk about their operation next Spring.

Lewa breakfast

ĎGoodmoveí lived up to their reputation in helping us with two moves. We were in a mobile home for a month until we found a quiet cottage for the Winter. If anyone is struggling to keep up with my telephone numbers, apologies and please bear with me. BT should give us a long-term number again by Summer next year. Until then please keep in touch via email, and we can then talk on the phone or I can come out and meet you.

Now that Iím settled in my rental property, Iím once again visiting those of you who prefer to discuss their holidays in the comfort of their own home. Instead of making do with a packaged trip from a brochure, we talk about tailoring a safari which is designed with you in mind.