Victoria Falls rainbow

November 2011 Newsletter, Woodbridge Safaris

As we put the clocks back and wait for the cold, wet Winter weather, itís time to plan ahead for next year Ė be it changes to the garden, family get togethers or how to spend hard-earned holidays. My days of lazing in front of a log fire are over. I am thrilled to be a pet owner again, at my happiest when clients tell me how good their safari was or equally when our cat chooses my lap to have a quick forty winks!

Leopard (Linda Reed)

A lucky black cat wandered along one day in June and has made our new house her home: fortunately her previous owners agreed it was a good move. She is a Serengeti cat, sharing ancestry with the African wild cat and is earning her keep in mice and rabbits most evenings. The most recent addition to our menagerie is an Irish bred horse. No pictures of her yet because sheís not yet paid for and I donít want her shoes to squeak. Instead the photos this time are from clients who travelled this summer. (Thanks to George Fellows and Linda Reed who both got some amazing photos on their respective safaris.)

Lion (George Fellows)

Very shortly Iíll be tearing myself away from both cat and horse to spend a fortnight in the Okavango Delta, Savute and Motswiri regions of Botswana. I am excited to be travelling in November because the seasons are changing, thunderstorms will be brewing and the huge African skies will be very photogenic. It should also be a good time of year to see a python, since that remains a missing tick on my ďlife listĒ, even after several dozen safaris. But, whilst itís good to travel in anticipation, expecting every day to be special, specific sightings must always be considered a bonus: at least thatís my advice to clients, and it also applies to me!

There are now six of us at Safari Consultants who design tailor-made trips to Africa. I spend time in the office every week so that I keep abreast of the latest camp news and any special offers. Each time one of us visits a country or gets client feedback on a particular lodge, we get together to share any knowledge learned. In that way you are getting six peopleís input to your safari plans not just one.

Leopard (George Fellows)

When Iím back from a fortnight of sunshine, camp cuisine and attentive personal service at the end of the month, Iíll be keen to be reunited with my pets, and also eager to work on safari itineraries for 2012! Now is the ideal time to be booking, particularly if you are looking to secure specific dates or want to ensure availability at one of our preferred camps. Do give me a call or drop me a line if youíve plans that youíd like to discuss?

More updates on Africa and my animals in the next newsletter!