Savuti Buffalo

November 2012 Newsletter, Woodbridge Safaris

“Friends, Fellow Travellers, Countrymen, lend me your ears” . Regular newsletters must be to-the-point, relevant and interesting. With hundreds of lodges and camps giving me updates I can’t pass on all the latest news. But rest assured that I and my Safari Consultant colleagues always share new gems and safari tips. When you travel with me, I ensure that you are getting the very best your budget will allow. Go to our website for trip reports and testimonials.

Kuyenda Camp, South Luangwa

A Monday morning phone call can bring an enquiry for travel to anywhere in Southern and Eastern Africa. I enjoy applying my experience from fifty-plus trips to Africa to outline and then collaboratively fine-tuning the perfect safari holiday for you from the wide diversity of destinations available. My clients are amazed at the personal service and attention to detail they receive, and indeed many become good friends and refer me on to their families and friends. Be sure to mention ‘Jane’ if you contact the Safari Consultants office – I am there one day a week and otherwise work from home.

Refurbishment and new camps are the order of the day everywhere. Bigger tents and beautiful drapes and linen is a luxury and makes you feel very special. However, if you are an “old Safari hand” who prefers wilderness, plain simple camps they can still be found. Traditional camps operated by Adventure Camps in Southern Tanzania get consistently excellent reviews. Rustic reed chalets such as Tafika, Kuyenda or Mwamba in South Luangwa also continue to delight. If you want more than photography and vehicle game-viewing, Zambia remains a firm favourite of mine. My colleague Mary has just returned from a fortnight there and advises that the micro-lighting at Remote Africa is a must! For the budget conscious, Flat Dogs have re-vamped their camp and offer a good value base to start your safari in the Luangwa.

Mwamba Camp, South Luangwa

Other headlines include a change in the lead guides at Ride Kenya. Patrick Stanton who was with them for nine years is currently in the UK and handing the reins over to Paddy and Kim, but Nicola remains in her role as GM, Kenya for Great Plains the owners. We wish Patrick well in his new ventures here and if there’s sufficient demand I’m sure we can arrange for him to come to a riding safari evening.

2012 was a special year for the UK and indeed for me! My new horse ‘Marble’ was treated on her birthday to the Queen’s Jubilee fly past just feet above our stableyard on its way to Buckingham Palace. Good training for a young horse. I also enjoyed a day in the Olympic Park, just an hour away by train. Great architecture in a wonderful setting, and weren’t the volunteers amazing – helpful, smiling and there when you wanted them. Just like a well-run safari camp!!!

Wildlife at Home!

For the first time in 25 years I haven’t been to Africa this year. Training a young horse and planting out our garden took priority. I cancelled an early season trip to South Africa to plant out hundreds of plants. A good decision, bearing in mind the wet summer that followed. It would have been better suited to a paddy field at times, but at least didn’t need much watering. To be fair it’s not all bad: I did travel to Botswana this time last year, and early in the New Year I’m headed to three new areas in Kenya. Birdwatchers, walkers, riders, photographers alike should watch this space when I report back on my return.

If you’re considering your next trip to Africa in 2013 or beyond, do give me a call, drop me an email or best of all come and meet me at the Destinations Travel Show at Earl’s Court. I have a few free entry tickets available for this show running from Thursday 31st January until Sunday 3rd February.