Rhodes Baobab Sunset, Mashatu Reserve, Botswana

November 2014 Newsletter, Woodbridge Safaris

Has the wettest month on record made you feel a bit down in the dumps recently? The days are short but at least we havenít yet had the bitter East winds and freezing temperatures. We appreciate our seasonal weather and the variety in our gardens. And yet, donít we all yearn for a week or two of blue skies and warm sunshine?

Yellow Bill Stork, Selous

Escaping to Africa in the middle of our winter could not be easier. An action-packed wildlife safari is only eight hours away in East Africa. A few more hours in a double-decker plane gets you to Cape Town where you can relax and sample all those delicious wines.

The photos in this newsletter are all from recently returned clients: thanks to Dave, Kath, Sue, Tom, Martin and Janice. Iíve included Victoria Falls in several itineraries recently, with activities ranging from rafting to dinner on the steam train. The flight over the falls never disappoints, and I remember it as a highlight from my trip nearly a quarter of a century ago: the view hasnít changed much in that time!

Vic Falls scenic flight

For avid birdwatchers out there, yes the fluffy chick is a Pelís Fishing Owlet. Again, Iíve been lucky to see that mega-tick several times over the years. Itís always a memorable sighting. The first was on a trip with two Zimbabwean friends on Lake Kariba. More recently in the Delta. I could bore you with the twitcherís full listÖ.

Pels fishing Owlet

Thinking back to my early trips, reminds me that being on safari for the first timer is really an amazing adventure. ďYou didnít tell me, Jane, how close you get to the lions and elephantsĒ. Visually itís like having the latest 50Ē HD tv a few feet away from you, but with the bush atmosphere, smells and a touch of added adrenalin.

Masai Mara Lion

Where else can you get to choose exactly how you spend each day of your holiday? Itís not just about the wildlife and how many times you get to go on a game-drive. What you eat often evokes memories of that special day in the bush: I donít recall the cuisine after my Vic Falls flight (after all it was a budget, overland trip) but the kudu steak that followed that first Pelís has rarely been bettered. Give me a call and letís make a plan!.