Wait A Little Afternoon Tea

November 2016 Newsletter, Woodbridge Safaris

Bushcamp Company Afternoon Tea

I only discovered Bake Off in this final BBC series, but I confess that I quickly became an addict. Consequently Iím suffering withdrawal symptoms a week on from the Final, which is having an influence on my newsletter!

Iíve become accustomed to shedding a few pounds before a safari, secure in the knowledge that Iíll be tempted by a feast of baking. It typically starts early: a pre-dawn cup of tea with home made biscuits. One riding safari at a hot time of year meant being on horseback before the sun was up. Sounds tough, but made so much easier by the fresh muffins, with a different flavour each day. Star Baker to Joyce at Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris that week!

Chocolate Cake by the Luangwa

A particular downfall of mine is the freshly baked bread, often produced in a simple clay oven in the ground topped with hot coals. Bread Week Star Baker goes to Safaris Unlimited, where a varied assortment of herb and cheese loaves accompanied every meal. And this was on a true mobile safari, with the entire camp moving location every couple of days as we crossed the Masai Mara on horseback.

Cake for afternoon tea is a feature of most camps. Stay a few days and you will typically enjoy a carrot cake and perhaps a cream-filled sponge. Soggy Bottoms are rare, and one guaranteed constant is chocolate cake: here Iím awarding Star Baker to Debbie from the Bushcamp Company in South Luangwa, with Trisha of Ride Kenya in the Chuylus a close second for her nutty chocolate brownies.

Wait A Little Breakfast Bake

So who does get the coveted Hollywood Handshake? Well, Iím awarding that to Wait A Little for their baked baconíníegg baskets. Stunning presentation and amazing flavour.

OK, thatís provided my Bake Off fix for this week and hopefully Iíll be over my addiction shortly. Is that my imagination, or did I hear someone say On Your Marks, Get Set, Booooook!

Ride Kenya Chocolate Brownies

As an added incentive, for all bookings in 2017 I promise to share my fail-safe tip for the perfect Victoria Sponge. Over the years, my sponges have often fallen rather flat. No more! Acting on a snippett of advice from Andrew in the Bake Off, Iíve baked three perfect sponges in quick succession.

Meantime, please do get in touch. Itís great to hear from you, even if youíre not looking for assistance with a forthcoming safari.