Masai Mara viewpoint

November 2018 Newsletter, Woodbridge Safaris


There are so many options. Where to start? How to choose? My role is to help guide you through a range of factors (climate, seasons, guiding, activities, budget and more) in creating your ideal safari.

Mara hyenas

I have spent 18 months trying to find the right horse for my husband to ride and as a companion for my own horse. Even though we had broadly similar views it was frustrating searching through endless online adverts. I would assemble a shortlist and pass it over. My husband would do likewise. All rejected and we’d start again. Perhaps this is what it can feel like when you’re deciding on a holiday?

Marble and Rosie

We’ve reached an excellent outcome through expert advice from personal contacts who knew us well enough to understand our requirements. It was great having people who listened to what we wanted and didn’t make assumptions. Maybe the truth needs to be told, when you have conflicting requirements or what you’re looking for is just not sensible. Must-have priorities such as “bomb-proof” with tractors or noisy motorbikes, out-weigh looks. Then again, I’m sure you’ll agree Rosie scrubs up OK!

Ride Kenya, Masai Mara

When it comes to holidays, sometimes we have very particular needs and then it takes careful thought to bring all the elements together. A honeymoon that must have something new, something luxurious, a coconut tree fringed beach and meet a tight budget? Or a family safari for an exhausted Mum seeking a break, a hyperactive Dad wanting action (or then again, perhaps an exhausted Dad and a hyperactive Mum – after all, this is 2018!) as well as catering for a trio of kids of who MUST have access to the Internet at all times. Photography a priority? Maybe even horse-riding, although “bomb-proof” for a safari-horse is more about elephants than tractors!

It’s a case of having someone to listen to what you want and not make assumptions. You want confidence that it is your best interests which matter. Do please get in touch if you have plans for 2019 or beyond.